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Agadir and Taghazout Holidays 2022 2023
Agadir, where old meets new. Agadir itself was destroyed by an earthquake back in the Sixties and, rather than attempting to rebuild what was left, officials decided to start from scratch. It means the Agadir of today is filled with broad, palm-lined avenues edged by caf├ęs and blossoming parkland.
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The city is linked by road with Safi and Marrakech; it also has an international airport. The region that surrounds Agadir is composed of the plain of the east-west-trending Sous valley, which itself is enclosed between the High Atlas Haut Atlas and Anti-Atlas mountains.
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Agadir is the town where Arabic and Amazigh cultures meet. Airy and full of lights, Agadir has one natural asset it can count on: its gorgeous bay, regarded as one of the most beautiful in the world, which has granted an award in 2002.
Therefore, the comparison with the experimental data is less reliable. Agadir website moved from EMBL to CRG. PLease note the new url: The download part of Agadir is not yet available. 22/06/09: The calculation part of Agadir is now available.
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Agadir houses one of the two marinas on the Atlantic coast of Morocco and hence is a good place from which to visit Marrakech and southern Morocco. Read SY Kandus blog about their 4-week stay in Agadir in October 2018.
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